Why Insoles

Our feet are unique to our bodies; we all have different shaped arches. 

However, most shoes come with a “one-size-fits-all” insole that doesn’t properly support any body.  

The impact of our body isn’t properly distributed leading to all sorts of foot pain,  

But also affecting the way we walk, leading to pronation and supination, and different types of funny walking. 

The feet, knees, hip and back are all connected. We feel the results of our unsupportive shoes all over our knees, hips and back. 

Alignment starts from the ground up. Adding arch support to your shoes makes them good for your whole body.

Helping you stand up straight, walk better, improving your posture, and preventing future pain. 

Atlas insoles are made from cork; which molds to the shape of your foot over time, creating an insole with customized arch support. 

And comfortable materials make your feet better, letting you walk longer without any types of foot pains.